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The book was originally released in late 1994 during the Christmas-shopping season, perennially the biggest book-buying time of year.

It sold some 12,500 copies in just six weeks through mainstream bookstores alone, a remarkable short-term sell-through for a genre book. After Harper Collins terminated "The Martial Arts Sourcebook" and returned all publishing and licensing rights to Corcoran, he began updating the book's contents for a revised CD-Rom version.

If you have current and up to date information about any of these styles, please let us know ...

This list includes traditional, nontraditional and contemporary eclectic systems.

In a 1992 magazine article, Sifu Adam Hsu wrote, "The number of kung-fu styles we have in China can go as high as four hundred or as low as two hundred.

Five years in the making, "The Martial Arts Sourcebook," written by renowned author John Corcoran, was published by Harper Collins in 1994 as a 434-page trade paperback with 175 photos.This unique reference book was distinguished by its impressive size (over 1-million facts), scope (global), and rare nonpartisan substance (the contents appeal to readers of virtually all martial arts, styles, political affiliations, and rank status from beginners to black belts).


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