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BT even says it’ll allow customers to cancel penalty-free regardless of when they signed up.Alternatively, use it to your advantage - price increases can give you valuable haggling ammunition to negotiate a better deal.Buy now: Get a Hushed phone line for , a massive 82 percent off.While savvy families are getting the hang of switching energy suppliers to cut household costs, when it comes to broadband we’re not on the same wavelength.A survey by price comparison website u Switch found one in three Brits have never changed companies and almost three quarters have been with the same provider for more than five years.Meanwhile, phone and broadband supplier Ten Tel reveals the cost of line rental in the UK rises by an average of £12 per year, increasing faster than fuel and general prices over the last five years.Right now you can protect your privacy with lifetime access to a second number through Hushed, for just at Cult of Mac Deals.Hushed’s secure app makes it easy to make calls through your second number, set up forwarding, and other neat features without any commitment to a new phone contract.


It’s like a toolkit for taking and making calls without giving out any personal deets or digits.

In essence, some households are now paying up to 50% more for their internet and phone connections - missing out on savings of £383 million a year - that's around £69 per household - by remaining loyal. The good news is you can escape your contract penalty free if the price increases without prior warning.

Under Ofcom’s rules, anyone who has taken out a line rental, broadband or mobile contract after 23 January 2014 can cancel their contract without penalty if their provider increases monthly prices mid-term and did not warn you about the rise when the contract was signed.

Have a scroll down for some tips on how to find a phone and broadband package, plus the top bundles of the week.


You live in a free country, why should you feel trapped by a bad date or a creepy Craigslist seller who has your phone number?

Give yourself a second, anonymous number for making calling or texting with people you’d prefer to keep at arm’s length.


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