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Does this mean that every single person who signs up for dating sites is a con man /woman?No more than it means that everyone who shows up at our door is trying to burglarize our home.Crucial question investors need ask when markets go haywire Donald Trump’s huge election win set off one of the most astonishing reversals in stock-market history overnight, leaving shellshocked investors to ponder how to navigate such wicked volatility. Why gold failed to rally after Trump’s win Gold prices finish lower on Wednesday after Donald Trump’s surprising presidential win as investors muddle through the uncertainties raised by Republican’s unorthodox approach to politics.


I have learned to accept being alone and just worry about my cats and the next day. But something still managed to bring Lee to my site, so perhaps Lee isn’t in the final inning of the game of love just yet.

Most dating sites are safe and I certainly recommend the most reputable ones on this site, which will charge you to become a member.

It’s true that we don’t have to look too far to know about scammers.

They seem to be everywhere nowadays; looking to take financial advantage of anyone they can get their hooks into and seniors are sadly the most common victims of con artists because most seniors live alone.

They call our homes pretending to be relatives in distress needing money to bail them out, they show up at our doors selling services that never get delivered once our money has been paid, they distract us in grocery stores and steal our wallets and the list goes on.

And then there are the lowest of the low who will use the pretence of romance (both on the internet and in person) to woo their way into our bank accounts and then slither back under their rocks leaving us poorer, broken hearted and feeling used and stupid. And as the global economy worsens, there will be more scam artists out there so we need to be more on our guard than ever.


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    PLEASE NOTE: At some point before the event you will need to prove you are for real.

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    During this time you are not allowed to see him, text him, email him, or even like his Facebook status (I don’t care if it says he rescued ten puppies from Africa). Even if it’s his birthday, or your birthday, or his grandma’s birthday. This person quickly went from being the center of your universe to not being in your universe at all and that is a huge and awful adjustment. But I will say NC isn't just something I preach, it is something I actually practice (in fact, today marks 30 days of NC for me and the guy who broke my heart on NYE!

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    Also in the Prince relationship mix during the 1980s was singer and drummer Sheila E, with the pair getting close after meeting in 1978 which led to Prince working and recording with Sheila on a variety of projects, including Purple Rain.

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    2010, she ultimately chose to return to her marriage and to the New Birth family so she could share her experience and offer guidance for others.

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