Pink sofa dating uk

We work tirelessly to ensure our members have a safe, fun and relaxed environment in which to meet each other and find love.

This award is the seal of approval from the readers of g3." What makes the pink sofa so special is its unique mix of online dating, social networking and online community features all of which help members find the perfect partner or date.

Members have numerous ways to communicate including messages, smiles, instant messenger video and audio, public chatrooms, forums and chit chat.

The site which prides itself on having an all lesbian team, truly understands what women want in a dating site (unlike many similar sites that are run by men) and as like-minded lesbians they are in tune with what their members want and can respond quickly to bring new ideas to the site.

The site is full of testimonials from satisfied members who regularly provide unsolicited feedback on how they met their soul mate.

We are constantly evolving the site and have recently launched the mobile site to be closely followed by an iphone app.

Lesbians like the pink sofa because we are not a hook up site.

Our members are serious about wanting to find love and a lasting relationship." All activity on the site is rigorously monitored, to create a positive and safe environment for members to communicate.

Ok, I don't do blogs or start threads or really do more to interract with the internet world beyond facebook and, shame on me, the pink sofa.


Liz James adds "tens of thousands of our members have found love and happiness through the pink sofa.

After 12 years this still remains our primary goal and this award is proof that we are continually getting it right." For anyone who hasn’t found love yet, Valentines Day could be the perfect time to meet Ms Right!


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