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Preface Last Updated: 9/29/2003 AM Often described as a "tropical paradise", the island nation of Sri Lanka has lush and dramatic coastal vegetation, and spectacular interior mountainous areas.Sea breezes temper the coast's tropical climate; the interior's hills and mountains register cool nighttime temperatures.Roughly the size of West Virginia, it has an area of 25,332 square miles, a length of 268 miles, a width of 139 miles.Located in the tropical zone between 5 N and 9 N and between 80 E and 82 E, its time zone is 11 hours ahead of Eastern Standard Time (EST) and 6 hours ahead of Greenwich Mean Time (GMT).The interplay of ethnic, religious, linguistic, economic, and ideological groups presents an opportunity for study and analysis of the forces that mold a developing country and its people.The Host Country Area, Geography, and Climate Last Updated: 9/29/2003 AM A pear-shaped island in the Indian Ocean, Sri Lanka lies 18 miles from India at its closest point.Sri Lanka has a varied effect on expatriates who remain on the island a considerable time without a break.People who like hot weather and are active in the types of activities which are readily accessible (tennis, golf, swimming) usually enjoy themselves and keep physically fit and mentally alert.



Rubber and coconut trees grow in the midlands and lowlands, and the highlands have vast tea estates.

Those accustomed to seasonal changes may find the tropical climate monotonous and enervating.


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