Polish dating habits

It looks like fans might now know why Khloe Kardashian has decided to pull the plug on her marriage to Lamar Odom for the second time in a row.Apparently, the reality television star might have thrown in the towel after new reports indicate that the former NBA star might have gone back to his old habits.Back in October, he was found nearly unconscious at a Nevada brothel after a three-day drug binge that almost killed him.


Although there were rumors that suggested the couple was considering getting back together again, she filed for divorce at a Los Angeles courthouse late last month. Ever wondered why your skin lacks that healthy glow many a days despite following every skin care regime you have ever known of.According to on Friday, friends in his inner circle allegedly say that Odom might be back on "hard drugs." In fact, sources tell the publication that they recently confronted him and questioned him about crack pipes that have been located at his home.Odom's life has spiraled out of control in recent years.

Yes, small insignificant habits which we often overlook or do unconsciously add up to our skin woes.Awareness is a good thing and I am sure some of the things you will see here will come as a shock/surprise to you.



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