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The language is hard to follow, emotional pay-offs come at the end of each series rather than each episode and the dramatised reportage style is both confusing and wearying, but it is immensely satisfying and has lifted Dominic's image beyond that of vaguely interchangeable, almost famous, public-school hottie and given him status, credibility and marketability even greater than Clooney's in . Dominic has that rare quality of looking lithe and luminously handsome or heavy-featured, simian and menacing depending on the day, the lighting, the character. - the latter, they say, to get tip-offs on how the police are tracking them; it's that realistic and well-informed.The entire 60 episodes have, only this week, begun to be broadcast on BBC Two, but Barack Obama has declared it his favourite show, and numerous publications, including Created by crime journalist David Simon, the programme looks at the underclass in Baltimore, the corrupt policing, the rampant drug trade, the soaring murder rate, the shady politicians, the shabby journalism and the inadequate resources. 'He is this short, fat Jewish guy with a big head and you can just see the brain.He's brilliantly articulate and incredibly kind and democratic and I think he is, without doubt, one of the greatest writers alive today.' It is not an easy watch, though.


'I was pretending to be laid-back about it,' he says, 'but I absolutely would have loved to have done it.

Last time I met Dominic West, four years ago, he was among those tipped for the Bond job that went to Daniel Craig.



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