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The San Diego Family in Showtime’s Polyamory: Married and Dating Reality TV docu-series held a Viewing party at the Victory Theater.

After screening the first 4 episodes of season 2, they offered a juicy Q & A with the director, creator, and producer: Natalia Garcia, Pictured on right with Kamala Devi. The abundant San Diego Polyamory community eagerly asked questions of the cast about what it was like behind the scenes, but most questions were directed towards Natalia, who responded thoughtfully and revealed her devotion to both activism and personal growth.

During each episode, Steinberg interviews popular comedians from the worlds of stand-up, television, and film, showing clips from their careers.

The show's first season ran from January 26 to March 29, 2012.

Some of the questions included: Fun Photo Caption: Natalia is like, “See what I have to deal with!

This seems to have relaxed some of his guests to the point where they appear more natural, and less switched on—as entertaining as that can be—than they are with other interviewers." Neil Genzlinger of The New York Times applauded the editing exhibited in the show's premiere episode: "Mr. Rickles are interviewed separately, and what makes the episode so satisfying is the way their interviews are spliced together and enhanced with clips." At the outset of the show's second season, Don Steinberg of The Wall Street Journal commended the host's talent for interviewing: "Mr.

Johnny and Moira Rose are living the high life of money and luxury on the back of the chain of video stores Johnny owns and operates, as the video market closes down Johnny and Moira are forced into some major cost cutting exercises.


Since its initial episode in 1998, MTV's True Life documentary series has told remarkable real-life stories of young people and the unusual subcultures they inhabit.The True Life series tells its stories solely from the varied voices and points-of-view of its characters.The couple are shown losing everything they own in this Canadian sitcom until they are finally left with only the town of Schitt's Creek they bought for a joke decades earlier.With nowhere else to go they move to the small rural community and must adapt to life without their longed for luxuries.

Its second season premiered on February 11, 2013, The show's first season garnered generally positive reviews from critics.Nancy de Wolf Smith of The Wall Street Journal praised Steinberg for his interviewing: "He does not focus on himself but is exquisitely tuned in to his subjects, many of whom he knows well.



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