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Look for noodles that have about 400 milligrams of sodium per 200-gram package.Whether you’re a sucker for shiitakes or crave the gilded caps of chanterelles, mushrooms are as delicious as they are healthy.Nevada’s former attorney general, Catherine Cortez Masto, won over Republican Rep.Joe Heck in that state’s Senate race to become the United States’ first-ever Latina senator.Serve with our Orange Cardamom Butter (link to recipe, below).Three new women of color were elected to the Senate on Tuesday night. Tammy Duckworth beat Republican incumbent Mark Kirk in Illinois.So forage no further; here are five reasons to fit more fungi into your diet.



Bright, citrusy lemongrass, heady star anise and fresh ginger add flair to store-bought beef broth in this Asian-inspired twist on chicken noodle soup.Different brands of udon noodles vary greatly in sodium content.


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