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At this time they began publishing postcards, many with unusual pictorial backs to promote their services.

For many years this company ran under the shadow of the Milwaukee & Puget Sound Railroad, and by 1918 it was merged into the Chicago, Milwaukee & St. A novelty dealer and important publisher of national view-cards and Western themes in photo-chromolithography.

They started printing view-cards of Boston and holiday cards in 1898.

This railroad that primarily transported coal and lumber had a history of slow expansion.

In 1904 with the founding of Mount Rainier National Park their business greatly grew with the influx of tourists.

They not only provided the only rail passenger service to the Park but supplemental transportation to its inns.

They would also expand into producing postcards depicting scenes in the Ottoman Empire. Tattersall was a photographer who left New Zealand for Samoa in 1886.


This firm began by opening a gallery in Beirut selling art and antiquities, and then went on to produce crafted objects and furniture in oriental design.There popularity allowed them to expand into Damascus, and then Jerusalem, Cairo, and Alexandria.Their logo does not appear on all their cards but other graphic elements often remain the same. An importer and distributor of postcards for the Atelier Graphique H. These view-cards depict scenes on a national scope mostly contracted for resorts and tourist attractions.Photographers who published photo books and black & white and glossy postcards in tinted halftone of views and Types from their work. A notable set was made of the colonial architecture in Williamsburg, Virginia. who was most likely the owner of the Runta Import Co.

These cards may bare either the name of Runta, Vontobel, or K. All cards were printed in color gravure and have white borders with an irregular edge.

The Tanner cards are labeled with a very cursive font.


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