Prettens dancing wep cams

In fact, one of the more insidious effects of the appearance of 10-year-old models in gold lamé cocktail dresses — like the one little Thylane wore in the shoot — is that it will only push the tyranny of the pressure to look “hot” to ever younger ages.

Inevitably, in response, the TV networks drag out the clips of the heavily made-up kiddie pageant contestants on TLC’s Toddlers and Tiaras, along with that viral video of a dance competition featuring young girls wearing garters and gyrating to a Beyoncé song.

Outrage aside, the question no one seems to be able to answer is whether the media’s sexualization of young girls, which I think is undeniably increasing, is changing girls’ behavior.

But in truth, I’m a little surprised that the pictures caused such a stir given that there’s no comparable outrage over the fact that Target sells pink silk padded bras for tweens or that, come this Halloween, we’ll once again be faced with fetish wear for 6-year-olds including some truly icky French maid costumes.

And yet we’re shocked each time there’s a new sexy kid incident.

However, when women do have sex for the first time, they feel less satisfied with their bodies afterward, according to studies of college students, a phenomenon that doesn’t apply to men.That may or may not be a byproduct of sexy women becoming the wallpaper of our society, but it’s something to watch.


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