Prison woman dating


People looking to form a relationship with a prisoner can pursue profiles and contact anyone they’re interested in. While most of the websites feature both male and female inmates, it seems that it is mostly geared towards women looking for male prisoners.The disadvantages of dating a someone in prison is obvious—for one thing, the person is in PRISON. That means no sexy time, no sleeping in the same bed, no going on dates, no going over to each other’s houses, and in some cases, no touching.And yet thousands of women choose to date prisoners instead of “regular” guys.Oh – and after the jump, find my video advice from years ago on whether your favorite Passionate Living Coach recommends dating a man who is in jail. She is always posting pictures of her new boyfriend.


If you’re dating someone in prison, you can talk on the phone a couple times a day, but it’s expensive and the person on the outside is the one who has to pay for it.

You must go through a private company and pay about .00 per call, and you only get to talk for 15 minutes at a time while every 30 seconds a recording sounds off reminding you that you’re talking to an intimate and your call is being recorded. You can have visits, but they might not be “contact visits” which means you can only talk to each other through glass.


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