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You will be surprised with all the ways you can use your Mac to play pretty much every PC-games out there. What bothers me is that most people (and even some Mac users) believe Mac gaming is non-existent too! Macs are perfectly capable gaming machines, if you know how to use them.The easiest way to play a game on your Mac is with native Mac games.Simply put, this means the game was created and coded to work on Mac OS X, out of the box. You just need to: Native Mac games can be either coded during the game’s development or afterwards.In most cases though, games are ported to the Mac afterwards.They are usually released on the PC first and then the game is translated to work on the Mac.In spite of popular belief, there’s a ton of great games available for the Mac! Just check Mac Gamer HQ’s older posts and see all the game announcements happening all the time!

In this guide, we will cover all the methods available to play games on your Mac, from the easiest, better known methods, to the more “obscure”, yet highly efficient ones.

To give you an example, Blizzard will work on both a PC and a Mac version of their games from the get go.

This is why they always release PC and Mac versions of their games at the same time.

This is either done by the game’s developer (like Arena Net did with Guild Wars 2), or by Third-party companies which specialise on porting games to the Mac.

The main two Mac porting companies are Feral Interactive and Aspyr.

Here are the most popular stores offering Mac games: Steam: Steam not only offers thousands of PC-games for digital download, they also offer but hundreds of Mac games too!


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