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With sites like OKCupid and e Harmony using advanced algorithms that base your matches on morals, values, and lifestyle preferences, the rapid success rate of online dating makes complete sense.

So how do you setup your online dating profile so that you attract your dream girl and avoid wasting time on dates that go nowhere?

Just like everything in your life, it’s best to be intentional with your dating profile.

You must know what you want even before you first login.

Are you sure that you’re looking to ultimately settle down?If part of you wants some casual dating fun, while another part of you wants long-term commitment, your profile will portray that inconsistency. Don’t be afraid of coming across as needy if you’re looking for a long-term relationship.Not to mention, when the insider stumbled on the 27-year-old's handle, they saw it's the same as his Instagram handle, and says the NFL alum lives in Nashville, and is originally from Chico, California. that couples who meet online have a higher probability of greater relationship satisfaction, as well as a lower divorce rate.


The Bachelorette contestant says the account ISN'T active after all!

The gorgeous guy took to Twitter to insist that he deactivated his account months ago, and recently canceled it altogether! A fan on Twitter ALSO heard about the former football player's profile, and even sent out a message to warn Miz Fletcher, writing: Soooooo what does this mean for Jordan's fate on the hit ABC reality show?!?


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