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However, I felt as though my parents held me captive inside a glass box.

Whenever I thought about being chained down from what I needed, I felt a part of me die.

Some might say that their past haunts them like old ghosts. I was raised in a moderately traditional family, as opposed to some overly traditional Chinese families where everyone lived by a thick rulebook.

Luckily, my family was a little more lenient, which I consider a true blessing.


I was no angel as a child; in fact, I was far from it.

I was a bad student, which was a big deal in my family, and my parents reacted just like any other parents would when they learned that their oldest child was being disrespectful.

So it was no surprise when they decided that I was going to have a hard time in life, and that I was going to end up in a community college while my baby brother would head off to a big shot university and then make the big bucks.

Though I was merely a child, I understood exactly what they meant when they uttered those words.

I now realize that they never held the key to my escape.

The horrifying truth came to light when an old, bitter anger rose up from within me a few days ago: I was my own captive. No matter how I’d trace and redraw the lines, I’d end up with the same result.


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