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So, I bought Battlefield 3 5 days ago, and I haven't been able to play online because of the update. However, when I go to PSN and download a game that is around 10-300MB, it downloads just fine, but when it's a bigger game, when it reaches 99%, I have to turn it into a background download and then it will work. Refuse the update until your new game data is loaded.

Every time it reaches 99%, it gets stuck and I get this error number: 80710723Some people said try wired connection, changing DNS, allowing PS3 through DMZ, opening specific ports, restoring default settings, rebuilding database etc. It's not my connection, I took my PS3 to my cousin's house, tried it there same results, but when I tried downloading the update from his PS3, it worked just like normal..

Included is a raised level cap to 34, refined stats and tweaks to practically every weapon in the game.

Unfortunately, however, Xbox and Play Station owners alike have been experiencing major issues with the download. Download’s frozen again at 36% The only fix so far seems to be to do a hard reset of your console and modem/router, which is allowing the download to continue, although the speeds are still incredibly low and at the time of writing nobody has been able to fully download the update yet.

I got my Heavy Rain update failed and thus my PS3 lost 1 GB permanently.

This suggests that it is not anything to do with Xbox Live or PSN itself, but rather the Destiny servers which are overloaded.Okay, the game is desperately trying to get me to update to 1.26, which is strange, because I am not even signed online.


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