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Unfortunately when you create a childs account it uses just an origin ID not an email.

I was happy with that as he didn’t need to be buying things on Origin or anything.

I then sparked up battlefield 4 with the aim of letting him have a go on the completely free of other people test range. So I started up FIFA 14 and it decided that it would use the same Origin account, all very joined up. I followed the link to EA’s https:// where I figured I would be able to manage the account somehow and check it was all ok.

I then upped the access control to that of teens for many things as below that was to restrictive and did not allow them the sort of access they need to have, with parental oversight and guidance, to learn about games and safety online.

Having played Battlefield 4 online myself with the voice comms with other players turned off there was only really a fun game of soldiers. Now I believe that my 7 year old son is more than capable of enjoying that game in that mode, especially if I am in the room with him.

There are some games that are not suitable in any way and there are others that are suitable with some controls and changes for any age to play. The new terms of xbox live mean that the kids can have live accounts as family members.

Each needs to more subtlety than the simple PEGI rating. So I set them up their accounts, using their emails and dates of birth etc.

He knows that the single player campaign is off limits.


As a parent/gamer with gamer kids I know that it is important to exercise some parental control over what games they play and where they play them.It is, though, parental choice that should be the overriding voice in setting up any system.This is very different from the machismo and potential adult content that the story driven sections provide.It is almost a completely different game, yet it all carries the same rating as it is a package.

So, on the xbox one I logged in as him and was forced by EA the games makers to create an “Origin” account.I did, but it recognised his date of birth from the Xbox One profile and suggest a kids account, with my email as parent.


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