Qld dating agencies

You don’t need any training, but you must be 18 years or older, not insolvent, and you must not have committed certain offences.

There are a number of offences that will prevent you from getting an introduction licence.

You must refund this within 7 days of receiving their notice of cancellation.

You will need to include: There is also a 3 business day cooling-off period.

This means that your client can cancel during this period and you must refund all the money paid, less a cancellation fee.


You will need a licence if you are offering services to clients in Queensland, even if you are based outside of Queensland (including overseas) or are based solely online.You are required to have a signed Introduction Agency Agreement with a client before any service is provided to them.We love helping new businesses launch, including businesses for friends and lovers!Here’s your guide to starting the next RSVP or meet-up site in Queensland.

Some of these include things like drug offences, prostitution offences and gaming and vagrancy offences.

If you have been convicted of serious crimes within 5 years prior to your application, you will be disqualified.



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