Quotes on internet dating is it a hoax

"I've had all sorts of comments including people who say they've seen exactly the same things and one person who told me to return the remains to the grave site as soon as possible or face the consequences," he told the BBC.Lonelygirl15 appeared to be just an average, innocent video blog of a run-of-the-mill American teenager when it first appeared on You Tube in June 2006, but very quickly the vlog's storyline shifted.By mid-September, the name of the actress was revealed.Yet even though Lonelygirl15 wasn't the victim of some strange cult that kept her locked in her house, and even though the entire thing was just a hoax, the web series remained popular until it ended in 2008. So it's not surprising that when clever You Tuber Mark Erickson created a very well done how-to video demonstrating how to gain access to the service's hidden beta, people bought it hook line and sinker.thinkexist.com/quotations/internet Internet quotes, Internet, topic, topics, My Account Help: Add the "Dynamic Daily Quotation" to Your Site or Blog - it's Easy! Sometimes it's hard to tell what to believe when you read it on the web. Well, those were a hoax, and a rather tasteless one at that.Of course, there is no Google TV — but we do now have Hulu, which is surprisingly similar to what Erickson was describing. But all those rumors about Jeff Goldblum falling to his death in New Zealand?

Here's a collection of the top 15 most unforgettable web hoaxes. The mostly-joke how-to site Household Hacker hit the big time with their viral video that purportedly demonstrated how to charge an i Pod using nothing but an onion and a glass of Gatorade.

Actually, the hoax status of this one still seems somewhat up-in-the-air. The video was full of pseudo science that made it As part of an elaborate April Fools Day prank, prop-maker Dan Baines of Derbyshire, England created what he told people was the corpse of a "fairy," and put it up for sale on e Bay and on his web site.

Suddenly, rather than a girl complaining about normal teenage problems, Lonelygirl15 started giving out details of the bizarre cult that her family was involved in.

A couple of months later it was apparent that the videos were scripted.


It started with a newspaper article from a local paper in Montauk, New York in July 2008. His prop was perhaps a little well made, and resulted in his site getting over 20,000 visits in one day.A creature had washed up on the beach; it was dead, and it was really strange — no one knew what it was. Even today, no one really seems to know what it is. Even after he revealed the whole thing was a hoax, Baines still received emails from fairy believers accusing him of covering up the truth with his hoax story.



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