Radioscopic dating


Large facilities generally operate more than one type of radiological equipment, or have several suites of the same type of equipment.

Most hospitals and computed tomography facilities fall within this category.

Facilities under provincial or territorial jurisdiction may be subject to requirements specified under their statutes.

The authorities listed in Appendix V should be contacted for details of the regulatory requirements of individual provinces and territories.

Blind adherence to rules cannot substitute for the exercise of sound judgement.

For these facilities refer to Health Canada publications "Safety Code 30, Radiation Protection in Dentistry", "Safety Code 33, Radiation Protection in Mammography," and the Safety Code for Small Medical Radiological Facilities.

This document is one of a series of Safety Codes prepared by Health Canada to set out requirements for the safe use of radiation-emitting equipment.This Safety Code has been prepared to provide specific guidance to large medical radiological facilities where diagnostic and interventional radiological procedures are routinely performed using radiographic, radioscopic or computed tomography equipment.The information in this Safety Code is intended for owners of healthcare equipment, physicians, technologists, medical physicists and other personnel concerned with equipment performance, image quality and the radiation safety of the facility.The personnel requirements, safety procedures, equipment and facility guidelines and quality assurance measures detailed in this Safety Code are primarily for the instruction and guidance of persons employed in Federal Public Service departments and agencies, as well as those under the jurisdiction of the Canada Labour Code.

The words indicates an advisory recommendation that is highly desirable and is to be implemented where applicable.

This Safety Code does not address radiation protection for dental and mammography facilities or small radiological facilities such as chiropractic, podiatry, physical therapy and bone densitometry facilities.


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