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Thanks also to contributors to this gaming terms glossary!| Game Names | Business Terms | | Leet Speak | General Terms | Monster-Related | Combat-Related | | Internet Acronyms | Emoticons | Common Misspellings | Japanese | Note | (Use "Find" function to look up specific words) dupe bug, dupe: A way of duplicating items or money or other in-game assets.Dupe bugs, because of the way they allow players to bypass the game economy, are usually very serious problems.Means of duping are almost never intentionally given to players.Here's a look at a number of words that have cropped up - well over 200.Note that every game will have many very specific acronyms and words that I have not bothered to list.


It's impressed me how many specialized words have arisen in the online world, in this case the online game world.

It can be intimidating or confusing to someone completely new to online gaming.

For example, in DAo C, a shadowblade (sb) can get the left axe melee style (LA) and do a particular attack called doublefrost (df) ("An sb with LA can do df") - much too detailed for this document.

(Moreover, even in the same game, the dialects can vary tremendously and incomprehensibly between servers.) Created in 2003; words added 2004, 2005.

Chem Champ’s easy-to-use equipment maximizes performance by reducing waste, disposal costs and downtime. No more setting timers or adjusting temperature controls.Chem Champ customers also benefit from the added performance and safety provided by Chem Champ’s patented systems, including: Vapor Management Systems, Anti-Pressure Systems, and Direct Condensation Systems.



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    Despite my griping about Blue Mail, one thing that it does nicely is a basic version of turning email messages into todo items by assigning a follow-up time to a message.

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    Binigyan siya ng limang barko, ang Trinidad, San Antonio, Concepcion, Victoria, at Santiago at lumisan ng Espanya noong September 20, 1519.

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