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We had one brief stop to make at the Real Charitable Housewives of Delaware’s latest event to raise money for the Kent County S. Even after the and our new hermit crabs there has still been a daily and relentless badgering for a dog.

At this point it’s not that I don’t like dogs, I do, but my biggest reason for saying “no” is that my father is allergic and we wouldn’t be able to have him to our house without triggering his allergies and newly developed asthma, let alone be able to bring the dog to his beach house every weekend.

It, of course, was also my luck that I had just removed my Tide Pen the night before.

At least it was drying quickly and not so noticeable. All three kids had a fantastic time petting, holding and showering the animals with love.

I reminded myself of this over and over as we headed to drop off our donation.

My repetitious reminder was interrupted as we hit a bump in the road and I splattered a few droplets of coffee onto my white pants.

I cursed out loud to the universe knowing full well this is just what happens when I wear white pants.All I was hoping to do was make it 30 minutes to the charity event, thirty minutes while we were there and then I could feel free to spill whatever I wanted on the front of myself.


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    Briony Tallis’ perjury against Robbie Turner, in her cousin Lola’s criminal rape case, disrupts the Tallis family dynamic and the budding romance between Cecelia Tallis and Robbie.

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    Guy Ritchie’s girlfriend Jacqui Ainsley gave birth to a healthy baby boy yesterday. He is legally the father of Rocco and David Banda, and he was step-father to Madonna’s daughter Lola. His girlfriend Jacqui Ainsley gave birth to a son on Monday morning at London’s Portland hospital, according to reports.

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