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They told me it wasn't anything they could do because they sail the ship with us passengers on it. Last week we did a 4 day cruise from Long Beach to Ensenada Mexico with a group of friends.

They could have given us future vouchers or something especially for the slow inconvenience trip. People are supposed to be allowed to have 1 wine bottle on the cruise, if you have a good one they will "confiscate" it because "they reserve the right". I would not use carnival again or recommend the company. We requested a king bed and got two small beds, we asked our room steward if he could make it into one bed and he could not understand why two men would want one bed.

OH if you wanted good food you had to pay another .00 per meal to get it.

On a good note our room was always clean, our dinner server was sweet and she would sing while serving us...

I'm still trying to understand the fact that they sailed the ship knowing it had mechanical problems risking the safety of us passengers and now they decided to ground the ship. They opened my 90-year grandmother's luggage to take away 2 Perrier water she use for her stomach and left a big mess in it. Had to go to the front desk and ask for one bed and it finally got done...

Carnival needs to do better for their passengers!!! Pieces of clothes missing and medications messed up. first night dinner took hour to get food and when we got it it was so dry. I was ordering grey goose and 7 drinks and they kept bringing me grey goose and soda, it seem like a lot of the staff was new or had very little knowledge of English?

I called carnival cruise after hearing two weeks after our trip that the Carnival Liberty canceled and grounded their ship for the same speed problem!!! We had gone on a carnival cruise 10 years ago and had a great time.

Bingo was a joke, each night we played they could never tell us what the prize money was, they just kept saying we are calculating it!!

Me and my husband sail from Galveston on Carnival Liberty to Progresso and Cozumel on October 17-22 6 day cruise.

We departed late and as we were sailing, the captain stated that we were having speed problems and couldn't reach maximum speed.

Because of that problem, we were redirected to go to Progresso first instead of Cozumel which we got to both places late.Well on the way back to Galveston tx, we were still having speed problems.


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