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A super-close up of the toilet bowl "the morning after"?


You ever notice how your palmtop or day-planner doesn’t have a category for "Drug-induced Time Wasting? Number Four: Thanks for the Memories Just a brief note here: What do you want to see in your photo album? Imagine how much of the green stuff someone could waste on illegal drugs. You don’t want to be 45, saying to yourself, "What ever happened to 2004, ‘05, and ‘06, I wonder? No employer wants a junkie on the payroll, so many of them screen for previous use before hiring. Remind yourself and your friends how much better you’ll look, feel, perform, and smell if you stay off drugs. Number Two: Green Party A drug user lays out a lot of green to maintain his or her habit. Here’s two examples: And those are the drugs that are legal for adults. Plus, if you get caught using, drugs can get you the boot.ligent, athletic, fun-loving mate with a great sense of humor? Someone who can’t stay clean isn’t going to achieve in school, in the studio, or on the playing field. Skits can be centered around just one line, or use multiple lines; leave it up to the students.

With the time they spend waiting in the alley, sneaking around the corner, and then holding their sore heads the next day, who knows what even occasional drug users could accomplish?

And someone doesn’t have to be an addict before drug use begins to drain away his or her life.


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