Relative formula not updating when copying

You can address a range of adjacent cells by first entering the coordinates of the upper left cell of the area, then a colon followed by the coordinates of the lower right cell.For example, the square formed by the first four cells in the upper left corner is addressed as A1: B2.It’s that value, and not the formula, that’s used in any calculations that refer to the cell.To view a formula: Double-tap the cell containing the formula.It’s crucial to distinguish a formula’s two display components: the formula itself and the resulting value.The actual contents of a formula cell is an equation—the formula—that tells Numbers how to generate that cell’s value.By addressing an area in this way, you are making a relative reference to A1: B2.A formula cell displays the result of its calculation and, on the surface, looks like any other (nonformula) cell.


Numbers opens the formula keyboard and displays the cell’s formula in the The formula bar lets you view, as well as edit, formulas. The selected cell in the second column (B7) shows the average score of all five students on the first test.

The formula bar shows the actual contents of the cell (which uses the AVERAGE function), and the cell itself displays the formula’s result (81).

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Chris Fehily offers clear and to-the-point instruction on how to build charts and tables and get the most out of the Numbers spreadsheet for the i Pad.

In this chapter, Chris shows you how to work with formulas and functions.

In This Chapter Formula Basics 44 Summarizing Data Quickly 46 Elements of Formulas 47 Entering Formulas 49 Determining the Order of Operations 51 Understanding Cell References 53 Using Cell References 56 Understanding Comparison Operators 58 Using Comparison Operators 59 Understanding Functions 60 Using Functions 63 Copying and Moving Formulas 66 Handling Errors 69 are built-in, named operations, such as SUM and AVERAGE, that perform a wide range of calculations for statistics, probability, dates and times, finance, engineering, text, and more.


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