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Comedian David Mitchell was recovering today after being mugged near his London home.

Mr Mitchell, 35, was said to be shaken but not hurt after a thug grabbed cash, his credit cards and mobile phone as he returned home from a night out in the early hours of Sunday.

A Scotland Yard spokesman confirmed the incident had been reported to police, but no arrests had been made.

He said: 'We can confirm police are investigating a report of personal robbery in Kilburn which took place at approximately 3.45am on June 6th.

Positive Pressure Ventilation was used in the home to clear smoke.


He was mugged in the early hours of Sunday morning, according to police Mr Mitchell revealed his ordeal on social networking site Twitter a few minutes after it happened, saying: 'I've just been mugged. 'I was just shocked and now annoyed to have no cash cards or phone.

But it could have been a lot worse.' He was later able to attend the Bafta awards and after party at the Natural History Museum on Sunday night.

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'The victim, a man in his thirties, was not injured during the attack.

Fire and Rescue Service crews from Thirsk, Easingwold, Helmsley and Kirkbymoorside were called to a fire at a house near Thirsk. Crews entered wearing breathing apparatus and extinguished the fire which was found on the ground floor. One person was taken to hospital with suspected smoke inhalation and for a precautionary check up.



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