Romance and dating tips

Women know that men invest in the things that they value with whatever resources they have at their disposal, be it cash, creativity, energy, or enthusiasm.If you make plans that are insultingly casual it’s a clear sign that you’re withholding your approval from her.Women will take this lackluster performance seriously, and often shoo you away without further ado.You don’t have to spend big bucks, but if you like her, why not come up with something that will delight her?) You can create positive romantic tension by making plans several days in advance.This creates the secret ingredient of seductive success…anticipation.The female definition of a first date is this: You pick her up and make reservations.


Coffee dates are only to get you both past the “I’m not sure I’d like to see you in the buff” test, and designed for easy exits.

Being vague about your plans will only cause most women needlessly anxiety.


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