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Yet others may even say that Shah Jahan (the guy who built it) loses brownie points for forgetting to start it until after his devoted wife had passed away. Well, it took twenty thousand workers over twenty years to build it.Small details aside, he did still get it built, and it was a very romantic gesture. Over a thousand elephants were used to fetch materials.1 fragrance for her well toned, football-kicking hubby.Some would say that having the Taj Mahal constructed in your name would make you a pretty lucky lady.Others may point out that having given birth to 14 children means you're probably due something special.Quite why the singer is in need of an island (being neither an explorer nor a horticulturalist) isn't clear, but it definitely counts as a very expensive romantic gesture.Posh spice, super millionaire, ex-spice girl and fashion 'expert', spent ,000 on a bottle of Clive Anderson No.Twenty eight types of precious and semi-precious stone were used, including turquoise from Tibet, jade from China and sapphire from Sri Lanka.


Before this diamond was sold, the most expensive diamond in the world had sold for 0,000 - Richard Burton paid .1 million (Over million in today's dollars) for the Taylor-Burton diamond, dwarfing that figure.

Elizabeth Taylor, a star graduate of the 'bigger is better' school of thought, once quipped that 'big girls need big diamonds'.


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