Romantic gestures when first dating 1 on 1 female chat


These body language gestures are not all clear cut, but it’s easier, than trying to fathom out what he meant by his words: 1. We lick our lips when we see something that we want, so this is definitely a good sign.



Just be sure that he hasn’t got dry lips, though; he may just want to borrow your chap stick! Raising an eyebrow Remember Roger Moore in the James Bond movies? Raising an eyebrow is one of pretty good signs that he likes you.Not only is he opening himself up to you, but he’s also giving himself a clearer view of what’s in front of him. Touching your hair If he gently sweeps a stray hair from your eyes, he’s telling you that he cares and that he wants more contact with you. If he’s rocking back and forth in his chair, he could either be seeking comfort because he thinks that you don’t like him or he could be itching to leave.


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