It is impossible not to read the law and imagine that this is what God meant by “dominion,” rather the abusive interpretation we have created. When I was growing up, the concept of earth as “mother” seemed hippie and pagan.

But it’s an image found in the Hebrew and Apocryphal scriptures.(3) God forms the first creature out of soil (Genesis 2:7) just as God forms the psalmist in the mother’s womb (Psalm 1).

I mean, it was clever of God or evolution or whatever to hook the survival of the species to it because we’re gonna screw around no what. the instinct to share your toys or return phone calls.

Sex always ends in kids or disease, or like, you know, relationships.

But action to alleviate the climate crisis in Bolivia is imperative.

Bolivia is responsible for less than 0.1 percent of global carbon dioxide emissions, but the nation bears the full impact of climate change, including water shortages, plagues of biblical proportions, forest fires, crop failures, and wild weather changes.

[cut to montage of memories of heart-warming relationship scenes with Tom, Bill, and Lucia together, then with other cast characters, and ending with one of Dedee and Randy together back in Louisiana.


The new law was received with mixed reviews both within and beyond Bolivia.And while most environmental protection laws simply stem the tide of destruction through regulation, Morales’ Mother Earth Law aims to subvert the green economy by placing power in the hands of local communities and reforming organizations, identifying natural resources not as “commodities, but as sacred gifts of Mother Earth,”(2) outlining specific steps requisite to striking a balance between the needs of human inhabitants and the limits of earth’s ability to provide resources, and compelling the state to develop, implement, and monitor systems to ensure the responsible use of resources.It is a wildly idealistic piece of legislation that outlines a utopian vision for a symbiotic relationship between human and nonhuman creation.In 2007 flooding reached a 25-year high at a cost of 0 million, displacing 340,000 people and killing at least 40.

Even so, Bolivia is still entrenched in the growth-as-success model of development, which perpetuates and lends credibility to climate-damaging initiatives and industries, such as mining.(1) Morales and his government hold these present-day economic realities in tension with the traditional indigenous respect for life, or (living well).

Images of the earth as generative are replete in the book of Isaiah: Jesus’ lineage is rooted in shoots and branches (Isaiah 11:1), and on the day God wipes away tears from every face, “the earth will give birth to those long dead” (Isaiah ).


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