Rover admits to dating duji

[divider type=”thin”] Kaitlin Geosano is the new voice in town.She’s a producer on Rover’s Morning Glory and now a vocal contributor in their on-air ensemble, but radio wasn’t always on her radar.He started out as overnight board op at the country station, and while he became an aficionado of all country music released between 20, he’s a much better fit as part of the RMG crew.Charlie is now host of The Aftermath, the RMG Plus exclusive after show, giving him a forum for even more outrageous debate and gossip.[intro-text size=”25px”]Behind the scenes, in front of the mic: the backbone of Cleveland radio.[/intro-text] Chances are by now you’ve heard; WMMS’s Rover’s Morning Glory and The Alan Cox Show are the real deal when it comes to radio magic.Alan and Rover are superheroes of the airwaves, but every Batman needs a Robin.[divider type=”thin”] Since she was young, Erika Lauren has been drawn to the limelight.Early videos of her dancing for friends foretold her genuine love for entertaining, which evolved into a spot on MTV’s The Real World, and her role as lead singer for the band Hawkeye.



Often referred to just as “the gang,” their names are not in the title, but without any radio sidekicks, we’d have some seriously lonely one-man shows.

We sat down with Erika and Bill from ACS and Kaitlin and Charlie from RMG to find out more about them and what it’s like to co-host two of the biggest radio shows in the city.


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