Rowupdating index was out of range

Data Key Names works fine for a Select event but I don't think that will work for an Edit event(or does it? Data Keys should be populated in the Row Updating and Row Deleting events. You can use a similar indexing for the Row Deleting event, or you can use the Keys property on the event args. If so, then yes, it's a bug that's been fixed, but it didn't make it into Beta 2. My something similar, and I'm also using paging, it's going to error.

As long as you're using the Data Source ID property instead of the Data Source property, setting Data Key Names should work fine for you. I guess the same question goes for Deletes as well thanks in advance.Data Key Names was set up exactly to make this scenario easy. Data Key Names should work all the time, even for edits and deletes. Edit Index] to get the data keys for the current edit item. To String(); Are you setting the Data Source property rather than the Data Source ID property?


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