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I was born in NJ and lived there until age 10 when I moved to Uruguay where my dad is from.At age 23 I decided I wanted to come back to the US, and here I am :). I am responsible, humble, caring, honest, and an affectionate Christian woman.I like to socialize with family and friends, do outdoor activities, participate in some church activities, and make time to just stay...I am a single mother of a beautiful 30 year old women (still a girl to me)she is... Everyday when I get up, I say “Thank you” to the God for one more exciting day of my life.

more about Juliya from Odessa I am always ready to help my friends if necessary and listen in hard moments. more about Olga from Moscow When the stopped heart starts beating again, you know that hope never dies!

I am very sensitive and like when man takes care of me. I am cardio surgeon, and as if it did not sound loud, my hands help to stranger heart beats with new lif...

I do not like quarrels and always try to be friendly for everyone. more about Lili from Berdyansk I am young and full of life woman!

I adore summer and sunlight, I like to swim very much,... I am a well-educated, well-traveled, well-mannered and well-balanced lady )) And here I hope to find my man to sta...


I can be demanding and difficult but it's always so worthwhile. I'm a perfectionist by nature and love to laugh and make others happy. Life is a good thing , but I want to be happy with someone ...


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