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Then she calmly tied his hands with a fan wire, stuck a mouthpiece in his mouth and brought him to the backroom.

"Here, take it" replied the Olga(owner), taking off her apron, where, in a deep pocket, was all her money.The robber approached her, but instead got a powerful kick in the upper abdominal area.KALUGA, Russia, April 15 (UPI) — Russian police said a female hairdresser was arrested for allegedly keeping an unsuccessful armed robber bound as a sex slave for two days.Web site quoted police as saying the 32-year-old man entered the hair salon at about 5 p.m.

" He was armed with a pistol and looked really serious.There were two workers in the salon, including the female owner, and two clients,one of them still had her haircut halfway finished and another one was a guy who was waiting in line for his hircut.


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