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Central European Time.“There were no dramatics during the surrender,” Kiley reported, noting that Jodl was “erect and expressionless, his uniform neat, his boots highly polished” and his face “impassive” as he signed.But the signature of Jodl, a relatively low-ranking general, was not enough—especially not for the Soviet Union, which had suffered by far the most casualties among the Allies fighting the Germans.The reason had to do with the last time Germany surrendered, 55 miles to the west, in 1918.


Kiley’s father, Staff Sergeant Charles Kiley, was in the room as a reporter for The surrender was signed in five minutes in the war room at Supreme Headquarters here, 55 miles east of Compiegne Forest where Germany surrendered to the Allies in the last war, November 11, 1918, and the scene of the capitulation of France to the Third Reich in this war June 21, 1940,” Charles Kiley wrote.The surrender was intended to take effect the following day, May 8, 1945, at p.m.


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