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Annotations written in the margins of the Bible, which is one of only seven copies to survive, suggest that parishioners continued to speak Latin in church even after Henry banned it as part of his campaign against Roma We came from different planets, Jack and I.

My father was a diplomat, his, a jobbing bricklayer.

Ancient routes are being revived and new routes marked out to link holy sites with historic cathedrals.

About 30 new pilgrimage routes have opened in the past ten years, according to the British Pilgrimage Trust.

My mother choreographed mimes and let the washing go mouldy in the clothes basket, his baked rice puddings and sent him out for jellied eels — yet we were like one person. I’d met him at a workshop he was running on prayer.

He seemed to burn up the atmosphere with his electric vitality, sparking it with laughter and throwing out astonishing possibilities as he talked in terms I had never heard before about a God I didn’t recognise.

In a discovery that might not look out of place in the plot of a Dan Brown novel, a scholar has found secret handwritten notes hidden beneath false pages pasted into the oldest printed Bible in England.The inscriptions, which have been concealed in the 1535 edition of the Bible, indicate that historians have been wrong about the extent of Henry VIII’s power over his subjects.


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    You can discuss before you meet what your turn-ons are and check you are compatible.

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    His understanding of human behavior often allows him to see what his guests might be choosing to overlook, and uses that ability to confront them and help them take positive steps towards solving their problems. Phil Show not only helps the guests who appear on the show, but audience members and home television viewers who are dealing with the same problems in life. Phil chooses to expand his horizons on the show, covering an array of topics from serial killers and domestic violence to online dating and interracial relationships. Phil Show even hosted one of our top dating experts John Adams, who focuses on international dating and online matchmaking. Phil's show is one of the most popular on television, and continues to reach the top of the charts. Phil has also written a number of books that reached the New York Times Bestseller List.

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    Brian Lara's batting during the four Tests in 1999 was "Me against Australia".

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    The RAF Voyager's refurbishment plans were announced in November.

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    There is no better way to meet people on the internet than through Cam Leap.

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    It features a Star Wars wookie mask again – although this one is ever so slightly more special. The Chewbacca-style toy has Candace’s head – complete with Chewbacca mask.

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