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The guy almost surely is a megalomaniacbut if you're telling me that he intended to kill those people, or that he didn't care if he did...

I think that in the person of James Ray, we have a messianic blunderer with no sense of consequences who may have honestly felt that he was showing tough-love on that October day, driving clients to push beyond their limits.

As I recently told a Member of Major Media, Ray and his travails epitomize all that's wrong with latter-day self-help.

Little or no credentials to be selling what he's selling..promise of near-instant transformation...a distinct proclivity for "churning" his disciples...scandalous prices for a slapdash program consisting of unproven, potentially (now manifestly) dangerous material.

If anything, it underscores why self-help is so stupid, so scary.

And that is where our emphasis should now reside, in my opinion.

We haven't had the record for but we will process it in the moment.

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    I had a lot of attention growing up being the baby and all, but my main source of affection came from my Dad.

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