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Will is going through a divorce and to help him and his daughter deal with it, Will tells her the story of his love life, leaving it up to her and the audience to figure out which of the women he will eventually marry; changing the names to keep his daughter guessing.Reynolds plays a grown-up here and is slightly dull.We then debate the question, are rom coms destructive to relationships, or just a bit of cliché fun?Apart from the glaringly blatant cigarette commercial sandwiched into the middle, I quite enjoyed this light-weight romantic comedy.We talk Ellen's favourite rom com Definitely, Maybe!It stars Ryan Reynolds, Isla Fisher, the most beautiful woman in the world, Rachel Weisz, and Elizabeth Banks.Although, the ad campaign trumpeting this as the best romantic comedy since is a bit much.I guess that could be true if you hadn't watched any romantic comedies since Annie Hall.

The story of Will Hayes' love life is framed as a bedtime story to his daughter.

It's also not too hard to figure out who will end up with Will. Most of the movie is set in 1990s, but apart from the constant Clinton references, you'd never really know it.

The hair, the costumes, the styles are all quite contemporary.

Also, although the movie goes from the early 90s to the present day, none of the characters age at all.

He's a good-looking guy, but besides that it's hard to see what all these women see in him. Elizabeth Banks is Hayes' childhood sweetheart who breaks his heart.

Rachel Weisz is a journalist who puts her career before her relationship with Will. All three of the actresses do a good job and are each more interesting than Hayes.



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