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We’d love to have you join our Salem community and help you find that special someone.

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It is located 160 kilometres (100 mi) northeast of Coimbatore, 186 kilometres (116 mi) southeast of Bangalore,146 kilometres (90 mi) northwest of Tiruchirappalli and about 340 kilometres (210 mi) southwest of the state capital, Chennai.

Salem covers 91.34 km Cheralam, Shalya, Kurukshetra, Sayilam and Sailam are found on inscriptions referring to the country around the hills: Nagarmalai in the north, Jeragamalai in the south, Kanjamalai in the west and Godumalai in the east.



In sangam period Salem was ruled by Mazhavar kings.In sangam age Salem belongs to Mazhanadu or Mazhavarnadu which was ruled by mazhavar dynasity.


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