Saoirse ronan colin farrell dating


“It was really weird as I recognised it all when I moved there about six years ago and my house is a five-minute walk from where I started acting, which is kind of cool. I have been there for the longest I have ever been anywhere.” Abigail landed the role in Nina Forever when she was 21 and says: “I really wanted that part so it was a real high five moment.

Euphoria fills Abigail Hardingham’s voice as she recounts the moment Colin Farrell presented her with Best Newcomer at the British Independent Film Awards (BIFA).

“When I saw it was him I was like ‘please don’t say my name’ as I knew I would freak out.

The 24-year-old plays a trainee paramedic, who falls in love with her supermarket co-worked Rob (Cian Barry).


And then when he did, the whole world turned upside-down and I was going ‘what do I do?

’ “I literally ran up and it has been crazy from that moment.” The Leytonstone actress picked up the gong at a celebrity-packed ceremony at the Old Billingsgate in London for her first ever lead role in quirky horror flick Nina Forever.

But when they go to bed, Nina literally comes back to haunt them during their most intimate moments.

Accepting the award, whose previous recipients include Jamie Bell and Ben Whishaw, Abigail thanked the film’s producer Cassandra Sigsgaard and writers and directors Ben and Chris Blaine for the ‘amazing opportunity’.

Abigail, who grew up in High Wycombe and moved to London aged 16 to pursue acting, was also delighted to get a kiss from Colin backstage.“I’m still trying to digest it all really,” she says speaking to me on Tuesday.


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