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Theatre Square is considered one of the most beautiful in the town.

On the central square of Saratov is a symbol of Soviet period - Lenin Statue executed in bronze and a small chapel, the sign of new Russia.

The coat of arms of the governorship-three silver sterlets [a kind of sturgeon] on a light blue field, symbolizing the abundance of fish and water was approved in 1781.

With its refaced and repainted buildings it maintains its character as a picturesque town street.

The finest restaurants, cafes and shops are situated in this street also.

This avenue stretches for probably 8 blocks and is full of shopping.

Recreation facilities are also provided in the Lipki town garden and the Park of Culture and Rest with its attractions.

Saratov's history began in the second half of the 16th century, when, after completing the formation of a centralized Russian state, Tsar Ivan the Terrible finally defeated the remnants of the Golden Horde on the Middle and Lower Volga.

Following his plan, a series of fortified towns, including Saratov (1590), were built on the southeastern edge of the extended state boundaries.


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