Saskatchewan lesbian dating


l would like to meet women, who want to connect for friendships and maybe more, if chemistry is there. I'm married but my husband and I didn't have normal relationship for years. I have a 3 Name's Beck, usually genderqueer, but I have been known to be pretty fluid. If I'm not at work you could either catch me working out or catching up on the latest netflix show. If you are a woman that loves to golf I am I tend to have Hawkeye Complex. I love physical activity even Basically, I´m a very easy person to get along with. My weekends are usually watching tv shows and relaxing. Not shy in anyway, I'm very open minded and spiritual. Anytime there is I would consider myself a successful business woman with a career in property management that I truly love! I guess I'd have to say I'm a very out going person.I cope with things by using humor, and just use humor in day to day life to try and enjoy life. I enjoy simple conversation and bonding over little things.I guess I'm hopeless romantic and when I love a person then I truly love the whole romance.. the good: -fun -passionate -understanding -honest -smart -clever -independant -good with people/easy going -strong mind -my boobs. Looking to get to know someone to chill with and get to know and see where life heads from there. Uhm, I work full time, am a fairly skilled musician, passionate guitarist.


I tend to be fairly extroverted, but there are times when I need my quiet time. I consider myself to be mainstreamed with a mix of alternative.

I´d appreciate the same sort of look/lifestyle in another person.

I strive to be nonjudgmental I'm Lizz, I enjoy artsy things and am very creative. I can carry deep, intelligible conversations and am down to do pretty much anything, in regards to going out and doing things. I am a loving, caring, honest, open, funny, compassionate, affectionate woman.

I'm lookin for a girl who I'm simple yet cool person. Someone that I can be with Hi, I´m Megan :) ABOUT ME? I love to have fun, joke around, get crazy, laugh lots and flirt. I treat others as I wish to I am a 31 year old female who has been with the same person for the past 12 years. What i am looking for is a casual encounter, someone who is patient, caring, affectionate. Widowed last a brief relationship but did not work out.

I'm currently training for the next novice bodybuilding comp. I like to travel, love animals, particularly my cat Monkey. I'm extremely passionate about human rights and helping others.

I'm a mother of 3 teenagers whom I love and come first in my life. I like working out, and playing outside I like lots of stuff. I am currently running a unique/bohemian clothing store with my mom I am an easy going girl, who is independent and caring.


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