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Constance lies about her whereabouts, and Lord Clifford speaks dismissively of the men who work for him in his family's mines.

Constance stands in front of a mirror naked from the waist up, then takes off the rest of her clothes. There's a moment when one character tells her confidante about another character's brawl, but no actual fighting is seen on screen.

Also, Sir Clifford and his pals discuss the gruesome business and casualties of war in an early scene.

A handful of scenes depict simulated intercourse, though in many of them the characters are still partially clothed.

And the sounds the lovers make during sex are even more explicit.And then there's the fact that the movie devolves into class struggles in a way that may be too complicated for younger viewers, anyway.Genitals -- male and female -- are shown in one scene; later, the lovers lie atop each other naked.In another scene, Constance and Parkin put flowers in each other's pubic region and run naked in the rain.

Parents need to know that this subtitled French drama -- which is about infidelity, how lust morphs into love, and why sex can be transformative -- isn't for kids.Though it's mostly sophisticated when it comes to tackling the subject of sex -- a tough feat considering there's so much of it in the movie -- some scenes are quite graphic (one shows a woman atop a man, both naked; another shows a man's genitals).


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