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For Ryan Glitch, president of the company—who himself found true love while sci-fi speed dating—Sci-Fi Speed Dating started out as taking something good and trying to make it even better.

“The convention was good, but the event was poorly ran, so it was no fun.

And I know there’s real line friends, but we’ve had marriages come out of this.” In addition to the novelty Sci-Fi Speed Dating brings, Glitch says he thinks the concept works on a romantic level for some participants because of the nature of comic conventions in general.

Glitch said he feels the themed speed dating is a welcome and sometimes necessary jolt of originality and novelty to the sometimes-predictable comic convention atmosphere.

“You know, there’s so much already at the Con that’s like, oh, look this actor is giving a panel where he gets asked the same fifteen questions he was asked last year and tells the same jokes, and look!

For every Lois looking for her Clark, or for every Ron looking for his Hermione, that special someone could be right around the corner—at a comic convention.

Sci-Fi Speed Dating, a Farmington, New York-based company that organizes speed dating events at comic and sci-fi conventions around the country, runs with the tagline “There’s someone for everyone,” and seeks to practice what it preaches.


…If you’re single, there’s always new people, there’s always a slightly new dynamic to it.Plus, it actually gives you a chance to maybe meet and make real friends aside from line buddies.It’s the vendor that has the same stuff, and another vendor that has the same stuff,” said Glitch.“And I’m not trying to belittle that stuff, but this is something not a lot of people have tried.

Glitch stands at the head of the room, keeping a close eye on the proceedings and encouraging everyone with rapid-fire dating witticisms.Sessions running at Salt Lake Comic Con for the LGBTQ community were free, while all other sessions were free for women and for men.


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