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He signed Mary on and she made her debut in April 1900 in Gustave Charpentiers Louise in the title role.

This launched her operatic and singing career and saw her rise in popularity.

Mary Garden was born in Aberdeen, Scotland on 20 February 1874.

Her father was a clerk in an Aberdeenshire iron works.

These ranged from operatic, French songs and going back to her roots with Scottish folk songs.

Debussy and Carr chose her to create Mlisande in Claude Debussy's opera Pellas et Mlisande in 1902.

Mary Garden returned to the UK later in 1902 to perform at Covent Garden, London for two years. Many more records were made by Mary Garden, until 1929.

At the age of 6 her family moved to Chicago, in the American state of Illinois in 1883 where her dad commenced a new carer selling bicycles and motor cars.


The novel reveals her origins and takes him to a pre-war Duthie Park, modern day Cruden Bay and back to the past to the Battle of Loos in World War One where he witnesses the Gordon Highlanders in action.

This is the first in the series of Grey and Scarlet Novels by me, CG Buswell, and each book will feature a well known Aberdeen ghost and Aberdeenshire area as well as modern Scottish Infantry in action. Later, in France, she studied with Trabadelo and Lucien Fugre in Paris.

More singing lessons and study was undertaken by Mary with Sibyl Sanderson.

This led to a meeting with Albert Carr who was the director of the Opra-Comique.

To enable Mary to take free singing lessons, Sarah Robinson-Duff secured her a position as a nanny in 1896 to the children of David Mayer, a department store owner in Chicago, and his wife Florence.I have published a book which tells the story of an Aberdonian military nurse who returns from Afghanistan and encounters The Grey Lady Ghost of the Cambridge Military Hospital.


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