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I've always believed that it was the arabs and muslims who were largely responsible for the slave trade but this book shows in astonishing and meticulous DETAIL FROM JEWISH SOURCES that the jews had a severely disproportionate role in the African Slave Trade.

It certainly makes you wonder about the origin of the NAACP and the jewish role in the civil rights movement.

I would recommend this to anyone who can stomach a non-stop barrage of factual references without any "victim" bias.


Writing and references are sloppy, claims are far fetched and even invented. I first read this book after loaning it from my public library.I antiscipated yet another hysterical diatribe against whites or polemic against African chieftans.Anyone seeking racists stereotypes should look elsewhere. The quotes are all from Jewish sources and no others are included because of the risk of anti-semitic bias.The book basically consists of archival records of business transactions, personal correspondance and public records of the Shephadic ( North African, Southern European and Dutch Jews) kidnapping, selling and loaning of African slaves.

Its descibes the Jews creation of the trans-Atlantic slave trade which began with Christopher Colombus's arrival in the "New World" and his sending Native American Indians back to Spain.

Its describes how Jewish wealth already acquired from their slave trading during the Middle Ages and Ottoman Empire period in Europe and the Middle East enabled the Jews to have the financial resources and seafaring merchantile experiences to successfully sell slaves and then sell the produce of slave labor consisting of sugar , tobacco and rum back to the Europeans.


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