Sedating a cat for moving

Clear a small room of furniture, making sure that this room is not one that the removal men will need access to, and that it has a lock, or some method of securing it to prevent your cat accidentally being let out.About a week before the move place your cat’s bed, scratching post, litter tray, toys and, so it becomes familiar to him, his cat carrier, in this room.The evening before your move, make sure that your cat is in his room.


If you have not used a local cattery before, or if you are moving some distance and want to board your cat near to your new home, check the cattery first to make sure that your cat will be safe and comfortable there. A list of approved catteries nationally, can be found on the Feline Advisory Bureau (FAB).

Unless your cat is familiar with dogs, it is generally better to select an establishment that boards cats only, as the noise of dogs barking can be quite stressful.


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