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See Love Run is all about sharing great love stories with the world. The one that melts you, even if told a million times. The one that makes you weak in the knees, a little light-headed, and a little teary-eyed. Are you dating the love of your life, and want to ask her to marry you but have not decided when and how?


In those days, there was a section that had a couple of boiling vats men could use to get the oil out of their work clothes.For years we had a dog named Little Feller who pulled Daddy’s clothes off the line when he could reach them.Daddy was never angry with the dog about this, perhaps because when Daddy got his clothes in the duffel bag and ready to go, he could lay the duffel bag in the front yard without worrying that it would disappear.Little Feller let no one, not me, not Mama, not my brother, or anyone else near that bag.


He was the victim of an accident that happened when some wire rope got loose on the floor of the rig and hit him across his upper thighs, leaving him with huge bruises.He refused to see a doctor for several days, going only when he began to have excruciating pain.


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