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In the second part of this article we will continue reviewing software solutions for real time audiovisual performances.

The developers geography is amazing, spanning from Siberia to Japan and Brazil. Let’s start from a very popular recently program – Isadora.

Designed by an artist for artists, Isadora’s welcoming environment invites even those new to the world of digital media to learn by playing and experimenting. The user interface is carefully crafted to make both creative improvisation and fine-tuning a breeze.

Over 250 basic building blocks can be linked in a nearly infinite number of ways, allowing you to create and manipulate stunning visuals, sonic environments, and media-intensive theatrical experiences.

Isadora Isadora is the award winning, interactive media presentation tool that allows you to follow your artistic impulse.

Whether you are an artist, designer, performer, or VJ, you can quickly and easily harness the limitless potential of digital media and real-time interactivity with Isadora.

Users have come to rely on Isadora’s unwavering performance on stage and its stability in long-term installations.

Pricing – $ 350 standard, $ 275 cademic/non-profit license Now we are moving off the beaten track to the wilder audiovisual realms.

Visution Mapio Formerly known as IR Mapio, Visution Mapio is a powerful Free Frame GL plugin for creating projection shows.

Notable features include the ability to composite numerous layers of video, a host of video effects possibilities, the ability to output to as many as six separate video projectors, and a powerful offering of input and output protocols.

The latter (which includes OSC, MIDI, Serial, TCP/IP, and HID/game controller devices) are essential for works that require real-time sensory input or when you need to control an external device.

Whether you need to simply sequence and present video clips for your next play, or you want to create a rich, textured interactive performance that respond in real-time to a performer’s action, Isadora has you covered.Created by a composer and media-artist Mark Coniglio for his own live performances, Isadora was designed to meet an uncompromising standard of stability, consistency, and technical efficiency.


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