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"Other people were just walking by as if nothing was happening. " But after the disturbing footage was shared online, viewers have rounded on the public saying that while a few people tried to stop the attack they should have done more to help the man.Outraged Tomas Prokopovic wrote: "The person making the video was supposed to help him instead of filming it." Another viewer Lukas Sabol added: "So many people there and everybody was just staring. " And disgusted Sarka Hanackova wrote: "These pigs should be jailed and the passengers completely and utterly ashamed of themselves." A police spokesman said: "The video was handed to us and we arrested the three men.He is bleeding." But Popelka retorts: "Yeah, and he will bleed even more", before stamping on the man’s head again.Horrified passenger Svetlana Urbanova, 40, said: "They were behaving like crazed savages.When Mr Mirga asked them to quieten down the gang launched their vicious attack, punching him to the ground and stamping on his head until he lay unconscious.The sickening assault in the Slovakian city of Presov was filmed by a passenger on their mobile phone and shows one of the thugs - identified as 18-year-old Matej Popelka - screaming at the terrified man "I will kill you".His victim is then heard crying out in pain while other passengers hesitate about intervening.At one point a passenger is heard saying: "Stop it.

Witness Ruzena Novakova, 49, said: "I was walking down the street and saw one of the men jump up and down on the man lying on the ground.

"They have been charged with public disorder offences." The victim was taken to hospital where he was treated for his injuries.

HOW quickly the unthinkable became the irreversible.

A year ago few people imagined that the legions of Britons who love to whinge about the European Union—silly regulations, bloated budgets and pompous bureaucrats—would actually vote to leave the club of countries that buy nearly half of Britain’s exports.

This shocking video shows commuters sitting by as a fellow bus passenger is savagely beaten by a gang of thugs - and doing nothing to stop the brutal attack.

Passenger Marek Mirga, 40, was on his way home from work when three men got on the bus and began shouting and swearing.


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